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  • Is BOXBLITX accredited? Is it Durable?
    BOXBLITX proudly holds Tuv Nord certification, with PROVEN PRODUCT status achieved! BOXBLITX units have been in gyms since January 2022, and can now be found across the UK and Europe. BOXBLITX is tough, seriously tough!
  • How do i select the different workouts?
    Menu Selection can be via the 32" swipe touchscreen, or by using the pads as buttons instead. This handy feature, allows users to work their way along the scroll menu, and enable button selection WITHOUT having to take off their gloves - neat hey! :)
  • How should the unit be secured in place?
    Whilst the Boxblitx machine works perfectly fine free-standing. We recommend securing the machine via 1 of the 2 brackets we have available. 3 steel brackets are provided for FREE with all machine purchases. The plates are bolted to the floor, and they 'penn' the machine to ensure it stays in the same spot! There is a 2nd option to purchase a chequer plate platform instead. The cheque plate base uses the weight of the user as a counter balance. Double neat!
  • Is there different modes or workouts i can select from?
    Yes you bet! There is 3 different speeds users can select. 8 Modes in total: Timed challenges, reaction tests, 3 minute boxing rounds and the infamous 100 punch BLITX ⟨™⟩ Challenge! UPDATE: Via the latest software update for June 2023, all users can also take on the CREATE YOUR OWN COMBO workout. Where you get the opportunity to record and loop a sequence between 2-12 punches. Perfect to hone that new combo and work on your technique
  • How big is it? What door width clearance do i need?
    84cm Width x 126cm Depth x188cm Height Access door width is required of at least 84cm. We reccomend gym floor space of 1.2 metre width x 2.3m depth. This allows the users plenty of space to maximize enjoyment! The unit is 180KGs
  • SHIPPING and DELIVERY. How does the machine arrive?
    The machine is delivered on a 100cm x 140cm pallet. Height no higher then 210cm. The machines are well wrapped in bubble wrap and protective. Safe and sound, ready to be unwrapped and enjoyed by your good self! :)
  • How do I receive new software updates on the machine?
    To go online: From within user settings, select WIFI Settings, Select your Wi-Fi network, enter passphrase, SAVE. Once online, we are then able to send machines software updates remotely.
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